Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome to Cupcakes, Cashmere, and Cocktails!

Welcome to Cupcakes, Cashmere, and Cocktails! I'm new to blogging, so I'm learning as I go. I've decided to start blogging to share my love and obsession with fashion and beauty with other fashionistas/beauty gurus out there. I plan to talk about fashion, designers, clothing items I love, hair and beauty products, my family, television shows I love (and love to hate), and whatever else I guess I feel like writing about! I'll also review my Birchbox and Ipsy Glam Bags I get each month. I'll probably talk about my pets. Anyway...a little about me. I'm a southern belle, born and raised in Northeast Arkansas, originally from a town called Marked Tree. Yes. That's the name of the town. I live in the huge metropolis (joking...) of Jonesboro now with my husband, Jason, and son, Brax. We have five cats (thank God our house has a HUGE basement), two dogs, Sophie Sue, a teacup Yorkie and Sookie Doghouse (yes...named after Sookie Stackhouse), a stray we believe is a lab/greyhound mix. I guess we sort of have a third dog, Keiffer (named after Teen Mom Jenelle's crazy loser boyfriend....there's a story behind it) who we can't seem to take to the pound, because you know what happens when you take a dog to the pound. We are animal lovers. Can you tell? Well, hopefully I'll add to this tomorrow. Maybe I'll even learn how to add pics! WOWZA! Every time I start a blog I end up posting once or twice then forgetting about it. Maybe now I'll remember to post on here! Anyway, thanks for stopping by!