Monday, January 21, 2013

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Just wanted to do a quick review on my recent purchase of Bobbi Brown BB Cream. I previously reviewed Juice Beauty's CC Cream ($39), which you can purchase here at the Juice Beauty website directly, here if you are a member of Birchbox (and have beauty point bucks you want to spend to offset the price), or here at the Ulta website. As for the Bobbi Brown BB Cream ($42)...I'm still on the fence. I really liked the color correcting of the CC Cream, but the coverage wasn't great. I like the coverage of the BB Cream, but it doesn't have as many benefits as the CC Cream.

The plus of the BB Cream by Bobbi Brown is that it comes in five shades, rather than just two like the CC Cream. I used the medium shade. It offers more coverage, but I noticed that this Bobbi Brown BB Cream really settled into the fine lines on my forehead, which is really crappy.... I'm not sure if I need to apply it differently or use more or less of the product. I'm going to do more experimenting. I do like that the BB Cream gives more coverage than the CC Cream I tried, but I'm really considering returning this product and going back to the CC Cream. What I do love about this product as well as the CC Cream is that it really controlled my oily skin. It didn't make it matte by any means, but it wasn't a virtual oil slick like it was when I used the Make Up Forever Oil Control foundation, which is a big frickin joke in my opinion. It was TERRIBLE for my skin. I was oilier, broke out more, and by about 10 am I couldn't touch my face without literally taking the make up off with my fingers. I tried using blotting papers for the oil, which were papers that guaranteed that they wouldn't remove your make up. Well, they removed every bit of my make up. I don't blame the blotting papers. I blame the foundation itself. I do love this product in that my make up doesn't literally slide off of my face like it did with the MUFE foundation. I think it's just a matter of finding the right BB or CC cream for me. I'm going to give this one another shot this week and really decide if I love it or hate it. If you're interested in trying this out, you can order it here from the Bobbi Brown website or here from Sephora. Let me know what you think about any BB or CC Creams you've tried in the comments below!

Laters, lovelies!