Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's talk about shopping!

Hi, friends! I wanted to post this yesterday, but I didn't have time. Better late than never! I'm going to share with you some of my favorite online shopping sites. I don't work for or own any part of any of the sites I'm going to tell you about, I just have really enjoyed shopping at them, have had excellent customer service, and/or like their random online coupons they have!

First off, I want to say that you should NEVER order anything online without searching for a coupon code. Most sites have a little blank box for you to enter a promotional code or a coupon code. These codes are sometimes emailed to you if you're a member of their mailing list, but you can almost always find a code online if you search for it. My favorite site to find a coupon code is www.retailmenot.com. You can search for any kind of coupon you want from clothes, makeup, jewelry, groceries....anything. Just go to the search box and type in the name of the store you're looking for, and you'll get coupon codes. Some may be expired, some may be for a minimum purchase, some may be only if you use the store's credit card, but many times they don't have any restrictions. For example, you can search for Sephora coupon codes and today you'd find these codes. Always, always, ALWAYS search for coupon codes!!!! Never shop without searching for them!!!  Also, always sign up for emails from the shopping sites, because you can get emails regarding special sales and promotions!

Lindsay Lou Boutique 

My favorite online boutique to order from by far is Lindsay Lou. This is a boutique located in Scottsdale, AZ. They have great sales on a regular basis that I'm informed of via email, so sign up for their email list. They have all the brands that I love most, like Wildfox, Seven for All Mankind, Daftbird, and so on. My FAVORITE thing about this boutique is by far the fact that EVERY time I order something, I get a HAND WRITTEN THANK YOU on my receipt. In this day and age, that means a lot to me. This website is my go to website when shopping online. I'm not sure if it's a mistake, but they have a standing coupon code GRECHEN25 (spelled just like that) that gives you 25% off your entire purchase, all the time. So if you shop there and they aren't offering one of their other sales codes (usually for 33% off) then ALWAYS put in GRECHEN25, because you will get 25% off the purchase. See why I love them so much???

Boutique to You

Another favorite website of mine is Boutique to You. They have fast shipping and great customer service. Sign up for their emails to receive coupon codes and sales dates. They currently have a 10% off code listed at retailmenot.com. They have my favorite brands and also have a "Just Seen On" section, featuring celebrities, so you can see and purchase fashions worn by literally hundreds of different celebs. I think it's fun to see and be able to purchase brands made popular by celebs. Just my thing....I like it.

Singer 22 

Singer 22 is another favorite shopping site of mine. It's pretty much the same as those above. I like having different places to look for items in case I can find it cheaper or with a coupon code on a different site. 

Bauble Bar

For jewelry, Bauble Bar can't be beat. They have the cutest jewelry, and great prices. You can find anything your pretty little heart desires here!!!


Tobi is a very affordable site that has super cute items. Shirts, sweaters, jewelry, jeans, etc. The best part? Every day, new arrivals are 30% off! So, on Monday, all the items that are new to the site that day are 30% off for 7 days. Tuesday, there will be a whole new set of new arrivals that will be 30% off along with the ones from Monday!!! The easiest way to think about it is that anything that was listed new on a given day will be 30% off for 7 days. So, the Monday sale will be over before the Tuesday sale, Tuesday will be over before Wednesday, and so on. It's really the best bang for your buck for super cute, affordable items!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to post about some sites that you have to join (for free) that have various discounted items ranging from clothing, furniture, jewelry, vacations, designer bags like Prada and Chanel, luggage, make up...you name it. These sites are private and you have to be invited by a member to join them, but they are free to join if you get an email invitation from a friend who is a member. I hope you all have a fabulous night!