Thursday, January 31, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Collection ("Stay the Night" Liquid Sand Review)

I recently picked up "Stay the Night" from Mariah Carey's OPI Collection. It is described online as a brownish/red, but it's more like a blackish/red to me. I put it on my toes because there was no way I was going to put it on my fingernails, but I assumed correctly that it will be hard as hell to get off. You aren't supposed to use a topcoat, because that would defeat the sandy texture. There are 4 regular polishes and 4 sand polishes in the collection. I'm not at all impressed with the one I purchased, and I won't be purchasing any more from her line (probably because I really just don't like Mariah Carey and don't want to support her with my $8...LOL) But in reality, it's just meh. The color is interesting in that it's not really red but not really black. The texture is just what it implies...it feels like sandpaper, not much different than a very fine glitter without a topcoat. I've also noticed that the polish can be "scraped" off by dragging something across your nail. It's just a very odd texture. I'm just not loving it, and I doubt I ever even pull it out of my polish bag again after tonight. Here are some stock photos I found online of the polish collection and the polish I used tonight. I thought I'd spare you all pictures of my toes.   The top row polishes are just regular polishes:

 Top Row
 1) Pink Yet Lavender--a glitter polish with micro lavender glitter and hexagon shaped larger pink glitter
2) A Butterfly Moment--a frosted nude/pink shimmer
3) Sprung--a duochrome metallic coppery bronze
4) Anti-Bleak--a reddish-purple creme

Bottom Row (Sands--meant to be worn without topcoat to show texture)
5) Can't Let Go--sand textured purple matte base with glitter
6) Get Your Number--sand textured blue matte base with glitter
7) The Impossible--sand textured bright pink with glitter (looks red here, but it's pink)
8) Stay the Night--sand textured black/red with glitter

Stock photo of #8, the one I purchased.

Swatches on false nails. You can see how pink "The Impossible" is here.

So, what's your take on the textured nail trend? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments!