Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings...

These are a few of my favorite things....Part 2

Here are a few more of my "can't live without" products.

Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion 

Well, I said I was pretty much a make up slut in the beginning (meaning I don't stick to one brand) but when it comes to eyes, I pretty much love anything by Urban Decay. This is an eyelash primer. You use it before you use your mascara to make your lashes thicker and longer. It goes on white, but don't freak out, your mascara will cover the white. You just apply this first, let it dry, then apply your favorite mascara. I don't go a day without using it. I've tried different brands, including Origins, Clinique, and the very expensive Dior and Lancome versions, but I keep coming back to this one. It really makes my lashes look thicker and longer. It also serves as a lash conditioner, which is fantastic. It's $20 a tube and lasts me at least 3 months...usually longer...because I use it until there's not a drop left and I'm scraping the inside of the tube. You can order it here at Sephora or here on the Urban Decay Website.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

I use this product (in Sin) everyday. I just use my finger or a q-tip and apply it to my eyelids before my eyeshadow, and it keeps the shadow from creasing in my eyelids. I have very oily skin, and even oily eyelids, and my shadows would always start to settle into my eyelid crease, but this product prevents it from happening. There are four shades. I'll talk about each of them.


This is my go-to shade. I have tried (and own) all of the others, but this is my absolute favorite. Sin is a champagne color that is soft and really complements the shadows that I use. It is shimmery, but not glittery, if that makes any sense, so if you like a more matte look, then you may prefer the last two shades I will talk about.  You can buy this shade here at Sephora or here on the Urban Decay website for $20. Since it only takes a dab, it really lasts a long time.


Greed is a gold shade of the eyeshadow primer. I've found that I don't like using it under my shadows because it is GOLD. However, it works well as a highlighter dabbed in the inner corner of each eye by your tear ducts or to highlight right under your brow bone. When I use this color, I use it as a highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes. The shade just doesn't suit me as an all over primer. You can purchase this shade here at Sephora or here on the Urban Decay website, also for $20.


Eden is a matte primer in a tawny shade. I don't use this one very often, because it is just too pale for me (and I'm so used to the Sin version that I just don't like the matteness of this as much). If you don't want a shimmery shadow look, then this is the one for you. It will brighten your eyes and set your shadow without the shimmer of the above two primers. It is also $20 and can be purchased here at Sephora or here on the Urban Decay website.

The original version of this primer potion is colorless and goes on like silk. It has all the benefits of the others, but without the color. It will set your eyeshadow without adding any color, so if you want something that will set your shadows and prevent creasing without altering or adding to the color of your shadow, then this is your product. Like the others, it is also $20. You can purchase this product here at Sephora or here on the Urban Decay website.

Another great thing about these primers is that they come in sets from time to time, so if you really want to try two shades but you don't want full size products of each of them, you can buy the duo, which will contain two smaller versions of the potions. Sephora currently isn't selling any of the duo products, however they are being sold on Urban Decay's website.

Original/Sin Duo

This duo of the Original and Sin shades is actually on sale right now here on the Urban Decay website for $22 (originally $28).

Travel size of Eden and Original

Want to try them without a huge commitment? You can purchase the travel sizes of these two shades here on the Urban Decay website for $9 each.

Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eyeshadow Collection

This eyeshadow palette is my ultimate favorite eyeshadow palette. I can do a dark, dramatic, smokey eye or I can do a soft, natural, subtle eye. My only con is that the shades aren't available individually for purchase, which makes me sad, because I always run out of the shade Lap Dance, and there's no way to purchase the shade as a single, so I have to wait until I use up the entire palette before I can get it again. I've been to Sephora a hundred times trying to find a dupe (duplicate shade) to Lap Dance, with no luck. Other than that, I love these colors. They are great for a day to night look as well. You can purchase this here at Sephora for $36 (a $121 value) or here on the Too Faced website directly for the same price.

That's all for tonight... I'm going to post more of my must-have products, from shampoos to hairsprays to hair products to nail polishes.....I hope you are enjoying this blog and PLEASE remember to comment and follow me! I'd really appreciate it! Also, spread the word of my blog to your beauty and fashionista friends!

Laters, lovelies!