Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things....

First things first, please ONLY purchase salon products from salon professionals. Salon products are NOT GUARANTEED when purchased from retail chains. If you look on the bottles, they will say something like "Only guaranteed when purchased from a salon." They mean it. Many chain stores will buy these products, water them down, and resell them. Just don't do it. Remember, you get what you pay for. 

Hair products! I love hair products. I have strange hair (for a lack of better words...) It can be oily, frizzy, dry, wavy, straight, curly...all in one day. It just depends on the weather, how dry I get it when I blow dry it, whether I sleep in a tight bun or a loose bun, if I dry it completely after washing it, dry it half way, or sleep with it wet. I use a Chi straightening iron when I want it straight. When I don't, I use textured spray or salt water spray to make it wavy or curly. Here are some of my favorite hair products. Some I may have discussed in earlier posts, but I wanted to include altogether here.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner

I love this shampoo and conditioner. In the winter, my hair becomes very dry at the ends, and I've noticed that this shampoo and conditioner, along with the argan oil I'll discuss momentarily, really helps with the dryness. Even though my ends are dry, my scalp will still be oily. This doesn't increase the oil. I've tried the "skipping a day" technique of washing my hair, but I can't do it. If I don't wash it everyday, my scalp itches like crazy, and I've yet to find a dry shampoo that doesn't make me look like I have dandruff. If you have combination hair or overly dry hair, I recommend trying this shampoo and conditioner. You can buy these products at Sephora via these links:  Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo, Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner. If you want to try out a smaller size of these just to see if you like them, Sephora has an Ojon Damage Reverse Kit which includes a smaller size of the shampoo, conditioner, along with their Restorative Hair Serum and Finishing Spray. This is a great way to try the products to see if you like them. Remember, Sephora has a kick ass return policy. They accept returns on ANYTHING you buy, even if you don't have a receipt or if you've used most of it up. So if you order it and it's not for you, just return it via mail or in the store. It's simple and a great way to try new things without breaking the bank. You can browse through all of the Ojon products here on the Sephora website.

Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum

I use this oil when my hair is towel dried after the shower and mainly just put it on my ends. I've noticed a dramatic difference with the frizziness of my ends when using this. I got it as a perk from a Sephora purchase and I plan on purchasing the full size when I run out. I love the way it makes my hair feel and how much it helps with the frizz.

Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray

I received a sample of this in either my Birch Box or Ipsy Glam bag (can't remember which) and at first I was put off by the smell, but the more I used it, the more I loved it. It does tend to make my hair dry, so I don't use it everyday. Overall, it gives great texture and volume, and I use it most often when I want extra texture for a ponytail or a messy bun. You can buy the full size product here at Sephora.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play 

This is a great root lifter for teasing your hair. It's a sticky powder that you just sprinkle and the roots of your crown and tease with a teasing comb. A little goes A LONG WAY, so don't use too much an create a rat's nest that you can't even wash out (speaking from experience here...haha). You can also use this product throughout your hair for extreme texture, but I've never used it that way. I purchase mine from my hair dresser, April McGuire Williams at Morgan Michael's Salon in Marked Tree, AR, but you can order it here from the Big Sexy Hair website, or you can contact her at the salon at (870) 358-2202 to order it and have it shipped to you.  

Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

I like to alternate my shampoo/conditioner every few days (I have 8 bottles of shampoo/conditioner in the shower and my hubby doesn't like it...ha). I love Alterna's Bamboo Luminous Shine Shampoo and Luminous Shine Conditioner. (Links lead you to purchase these at Sephora.) These contain pure organic Bamboo extract and shine-amplifying organic Indian gooseberry, and they smell divine. These products are great for color treated hair as they contains Alterna's Color Hold® technology for maximum color retention and makes my hair shiny and healthy looking. As with all Alterna products, it is organic and is formulated WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs, or triclosan. You can browse through all of Alterna's hair products here on the Sephora website. They have many other shampoos, conditioners, protecting sprays, masques, texturizing sprays, etc.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi  Oil Dry Oil Spray

I received this as a free sample in one of my monthly sample memberships. This is another product that I will be purchasing the full size from Sephora soon, but WARNING: Do not spray this while you are on tiled or linoleum floors, because the residue becomes incredibly slick on the floor! My husband slipped and almost fell the first time I used it in the bathroom, so now I only spray it while on a carpeted floor.  I use this product when my hair is dry, before I use my Chi straightening iron. It helps tame the frizz and static and also gives my hair a super shine. It is a color protecting hair primer, so it will not only tame the frizz, but also help maintain my color. As with all Alterna products, it is organic and formulated WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs, or triclosan. You can purchase the full size here at Sephora.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I use this product when I've slept with my hair in a bun when it's halfway dried the night before and has some waves in it. It helps give it a beachy look, but don't use too much as I've noticed it can weigh my hair down. It adds body and shine to hair, and also makes me feel like I've been at the beach all day! You can purchase the full size here at Sephora.

What are your favorite hair products? Let me know if there's anything you think I should try in the comments below.

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