Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dogeared Jewelry HauteLook Haul

I've talked in previous entries about the shopping sites that offer online sample sales, like Beyond the Rack and HauteLook, so I wanted to show you my recent haul I got from HauteLook. I love, love, LOVE Dogeared Jewelry. I have a ton of their necklaces (the original and most popular Karma necklace, their Balance necklace, their 100 Wishes necklace in gold, among others) but they are REALLY pricey, so whenever I see Dogeared Jewelry on one of my favorite sample sale sites, I grab them up. This week I got 4 necklaces. They are actually 2 styles, but in both gold and silver. I got them for at least half price, maybe even a third of the original price. They've been discontinued on the Dogeared website, and I can't remember exactly how much I paid for each necklace, but they were really discounted, and that made me really excited.

Dogeared Silver Shark Tooth
This is part of the "Life's a Beach" collection, but it didn't come on a card like the gold one that says "Life's a Beach. 

Dogeared Gold Shark Tooth

Dogeared Silver Skull and Crossbones

Dogeared Gold Skull and Crossbones


I'm assuming shark teeth and skulls and crossbones are an acquired taste, but I personally love how they are dainty but hard core, in a feminine way. I'm going to link some of my other favorite jewelry items from the Dogeared website that are still currently available.

Karma Necklace

The original Karma necklace was my first Dogeared purchase, and I still have the one I bought about 6 years ago.  I love to wear this as a simple statement alone, or layered with other jewelry, and it makes me feel better when I have it on for some reason. They have more updated versions of this necklace, with different chain lengths, some have leather straps, and they've even made a bracelet version. There are variations of the Karma circle now, too. Some are textured with hammered metal, some attach to the chains differently, some are larger, etc. Here is a link that will take you to all of their Karma jewelry.

Balance Necklace 

I also have the Balance Necklace which I purchased to give me balance in my life. I know it's just a necklace, but I like to feel that things I wear help my mood, and this one does. It is also perfect alone or layered with other necklaces. You can check out the entire Balance collection here.

100 Wishes

Everyone has wishes, don't they? This is by far the most expensive necklace from this brand that I purchased, and I have particular reasons for having purchased it that I won't get into on here, but it is a beautiful necklace. I don't wear it often as it tends to tangle easily, and it is a very delicate necklace. You can find their 100 Wishes collection here.

Dogeared Jewelry has so many different collections now that I couldn't possible discuss all of them on this blog, so I just wanted to show you my favorites. Below I'm going to link some of their most popular necklaces. Just click the links and you will go to each collection listed. Enjoy!



Healing Gems


Sorority Sisters

Create Your Own

Make a Wish--on silk (These are to be worn and never taken off. When the silk wears and breaks, your wish is supposed to come true. My son loves these.)

There are so many more collections, but these are my favorites. Go to the Dogeared website and find favorites of your own!