Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Essie "Butler Please" Polish Review (compared to Yves St. Laurent't Bleu Majorelle)

I have been seeing an Yves St. Laurent nail polish called Bleu Majorelle all over Pinterest and Instagram, and I just had to have it. But....it comes with a $25 price tag, and I think that's a bit ridiculous for a nail polish, so I decided to google dupes (duplicate shades that pass for one another) online and found Essie's Butler Please on a few blogs and it is IDENTICAL to Bleu Majorelle....and it's only $8. The Essie polish has a better formula than some of the Essie polishes. I think they've started making their polishes better than they have in the past. Since I don't have both polishes to swatch, I'm going to direct you to Ommorphia Beauty Bar Blog, where she had both shades swatched on the different hands, then on the same hands, so you can see there's no difference whatsoever!

XOXO, Jenni D

Essie "Butler Please"

Yves St. Laurent "Bleu Majorelle"

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