Friday, July 19, 2013

July Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Time for my Ipsy Glam Bag review! I think I might wait one more month then cancel. I've just not been super impressed with it. I really want to try the Popsugar subscription service. If any of you have tried it, let me know. I've seen reviews on YouTube and it looks awesome! It's not just make up. I'll post a link to eleventhgorgeous's review of last month's Popsugar sub at the bottom.

Well, it's a cute little clear pink bag. I think I'd use it to carry things in a beach bag, but not in my purse as it's not very pliable. It's cute, but not my favorite by any means. Last month's leopard bag was my favorite, and I forgot to review it. LOL

California Collection by BH Cosmetics

This is a sample of eye shadows from the BH Cosmetics California Collection. The actual palettes contain more shadows and a few blushes in them. The colors I received were very pretty. Hollywood is a shimmery purple, but goes on pretty light. San Francisco is a shimmery brown. Malibu is a shimmery gold. I was concerned when they were so shimmery, as I usually wear matte shadows, but these were just the right amount of shimmer. They didn't make me feel like a 12 year old playing with makeup. The palettes are very reasonably priced, too. I assume each one of these shadows comes from one of their palettes with the same name: the Hollywood palette, the San Francisco palette, and the Malibu palette. They fold up into a cute little square compact that you can throw in your purse. The packaging reminds me of The Balm's packaging. Each palette contains 16 eye shadows and 4 blushes. You can't beat the price, either...$9.95 each!!! Even better....you can get 10% off any of the palettes from the California Collection if you enter the promo code Ipsy at checkout, which comes to $7.00 a palette!!! You cannot beat that deal!

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon

I love lipstick crayons, so I was excited to get this cutie in my bag! It's a light peach color. Great for applying when you don't want a lot of color. I was also impressed at how creamy it was. It didn't stay on very long, but that didn't bother me. Sorry you can't really tell the color from this picture. I should have done a swatch on my hand...shoulda coulda woulda... Oh, well... You can follow this link to see the color better. It's the center crayon. This lippy comes in a set of 6 from Pop Beauty for $25.00. It's currently sold out, but keep checking! You can save 20% off your purchase from Pop Beauty with the code POPLUVSIPSY.

COOLA SPF 20 Mineral Sunscreen

This is the third or fourth product I've received from this brand, and I'm still not impressed. Ipsy really seems to be pushing it for some reason. My skin isn't sensitive, but this stuff makes me turn red and feel like my face is on fire. I don't know what the deal is, but this just doesn't agree with me. It's organic...so that makes it even stranger. You'd think organic products would not be as harsh. I received the unscented version, but I noticed they have a rose scented version and I would have rather had gotten that. I'm a sucker for anything rose scented, so my review probably would have been different if I'd gotten the rose scent. Ha. Overall, I haven't been too impressed with this brand of products. The tag line of these products is "Ideal for all skin types and tones, including those that are especially sensitive." Maybe my face is just used to chemicals??? Who knows... This is pretty pricey at $36.00 on the COOLA website, but you can receive 30% off your purchase with the promotional code IPSY at checkout.

Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray

I'm a HUGE fan of Big Sexy Hair products, especially their Powder Play, so I was excited to get this! It is a spray that helps control frizz and keep your style in tact in humid climates. THANK YOU!!!!!! I loved this product! Living in Arkansas, it is humid all summer long, and my hair shows it! I used this after curling my hair with my waving wand and it really helped the curls hold their shape. This is NOT a hairspray (just my opinion), although it is marketed as one. I felt I needed to still use hair spray to hold stray hairs in place. This product aids in keeping your hair from reacting to humidity. I used it right before walking out the door as a finishing spray.  I sprayed my hair with hairspray first, then applied this product. This Weather Proof Humidity Spray retails for $18.95. If you purchase through Ulta, you can use the code 108723 at checkout for $5.00 off a purchase of $25.00 or more. This code is good for any Big Sexy Hair products purchased at Ulta until 08/15/13. There are other great deals on the Ulta website worth checking out as well.

DermaE Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea Salt

I love a good microdermabrasion scrub, so I was excited to receive this sample....until I opened it....

It's practically empty!!! BOO!!!!!! I haven't even used this yet, mind you. There's nothing in it. I'm so disappointed. I am going to email Ipsy and see if they'll send me a replacement. Since I haven't used it, I can't really review it, but I'll go ahead and give you the price and a link to where you can read more about it. I was really intrigued with the whole dead sea salt thing, so I'm hoping Ipsy will give me another one to try. The price is $32.50 for the full size. You can use the coupon code IPSY0713 for 20% off your purchase.

Overall, I was pleased with my Glam Bag. If you want to subscribe and want to bypass the waiting period, follow this link to sign up! It's only $10.00 a month and you get 4 to 5 samples, plus a cute bag!!! 

If you're interested in subscribing to Birchbox, follow this link to bypass their waiting list. It's also just $10.00 a month! You get 4 to 5 samples each month, and when you go to Birchbox and review your products, you get points to use in the Birchbox store!!! You get 10 points for each product reviewed. Each 100 points can be redeemed for $10.00 off in the Birchbox Store. Each $1 you spend in the store also gives you 1 point.

Glossybox is a bit more pricey at $21.00 a month, but it includes brands from other countries, and some that are much more expensive than the ones you get from the other 2 subs. If you 're interested in signing up and want to bypass the waiting list, email me or post your email address in the comments and I'll send you the information!


XOXO, Jenn

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