Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fifty Shades of Ooh La La

I know I promised more beauty talk today, but I'm really exhausted. This whole blogging thing is new to me so it takes me forever to get everything just the way my OCD mind wants it before I publish it, so it can take up to 4 hours for me to be happy with it. I'm getting better, though. Today I received some new fashion and beauty in the mail. YAY! I got the Bobbi Brown BB Cream and plan on using it tomorrow and writing a review, comparing it to the Juice Beauty CC Cream I've been using this week. I also got a new Wildfox Couture swim cover up (that I'm going to wear as a shirt)....Hell, I'm just going to post pics of the clothes! I also got some pretties from Agent Provocateur today. I ordered a bra last week and it was too small, so I returned it, but honestly, even too small the dang thing was better than ANY bra I've ever owned in my LIFE, so I decided it was worth the price. I've been following The Lingerie Addict on Facebook and she posts each week about designer lingerie sales, so find her and follow her if you want to try some AP at a lower price!!! If you catch the sale right at the beginning, you can fine $250 bras for $10. I'm not even kidding. I haven't had that luck yet as my size is always sold out before I get to it, but they're there. I swear. I also got two sweaters which were replacements for the two that the neighborhood dogs chewed to pieces. They are just plain grey sweaters from Zara. This was my first shopping experience with Zara. They have some nice stuff at VERY reasonable prices.

Fifty Shades of OH YES I DID

The package was just so beautiful. Like a beautiful pink slice of heaven. I didn't even want to open it. I had the same reaction with my first Tiffany's box. I didn't open it for a week. (I knew what was in it...an XOXO ring) My husband finally said he didn't spend that kind of money for a blue box to sit on my dresser. I opened this and was in love. I bought the Love Bra in white and the Snowberry Bra, which is an ice blue. That reminded me of Fifty Shades. Ana had a blue bra she wore. You can find the bras I bought here and here at the Agent Provocateur website. 

Wildfox Salty Hair Shirt Swim Cover Up

I am so ready for summer I could scream! I'm a southern belle, and these cold temps are for the birds!!! This shirt is more like a thin sweater-type material. It's meant to be worn as a swim cover up, but I'm wearing it as a baggy shirt with denim. It runs big. I got an extra small and it's still crazy baggy. I buy extra small in all Wildfox baggy shirts. Just FYI for size references. This is sold out everywhere in the white (they call it foam) color, but it is for sale online in black (they call it night) on some websites. I don't know how I lucked out, because when I ordered it last week it said it was a preorder shipping in late January, and I got it this week. You can buy the black one here at Bloomingdale's for $98.

I was going to post links and pics for the Zara sweaters, but they're sold out online. Zara's prices are reasonable, and even MORE reasonable on sale. I bought each sweater for like $15 each, and they are very good quality. Check Zara out here.

Well, the husband is home, so I'm going to put the laptop away before he says, "Put the laptop away."

Until next time, pretties. Stay fashionable!